What to do for Mother’s Day: A good-vibe guide

Discover unique and heartfelt ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and make this year’s day unforgettable.

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  • 1 Mar 2024
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What to do for Mother’s Day: Plan a day she won’t forget

Mother’s Day is a tribute to the special figures in our lives who have nurtured, guided and cared for us. Whether you’re celebrating your mum, grandma or an influential woman who’s been by your side, it’s the ideal time to honour their unwavering love and support in a way that’s as one-of-a-kind as they are.

If you’re not sure what to do for Mother’s Day, read on. From the ultimate breakfast in bed to unique gift-giving ideas and engaging activities for the kids, here’s our guide to creating something extra special and truly heartfelt this year.   

Shop these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

Unless she’s vocal about what she wants, finding the perfect gift can feel overwhelming. But fear not – we’ve compiled a collection of unique and thoughtful gift ideas to make this Mother’s Day memorable. 

Whether she’s a fan of movies, a supporter of worthy causes or in need of some pampering or a wardrobe refresh, our guide has something for everyone. 

  • Unique gifts: Transform her Mother’s Day into an unforgettable home cinema experience with a curated movie day, stock her freezer with ready-made gourmet lunches or build a simple grazing table for an at-home brunch. Personalised photo gifts from Big W and a quirky Cotton On card can add that special touch.
  • Gifts doing good: For those who rally around social and environmental causes, consider a gift voucher from a conscious retailer that shares her values. The best part is that this is not just a gift – it’s a nod to her passions and principles. Check out our article to learn more.
  • Pamper packs: Surprise her with a luxurious facial or a relaxing massage from Endota Day Spa, gifting her the peace and pampering she deserves.
  • Winter fashion: Help her step into the season in style with a voucher for Myer, Seed, H&M or Nude Lucy. A chic coat or a pair of stylish boots might just be the missing piece to her perfect winter wardrobe. 
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On the day: Create a day around what truly excites her

Mother’s Day should be about what she loves, whether that’s hanging out with the family or enjoying quiet time alone. Balancing her favourite things and people with an element of surprise is one way to make the day remarkable. 

Things to do for Mother’s Day at home

Kick off the day with a lavish brunch in bed featuring some crowd favourites or her go-to treats: think berries, yogurt, toast and eggs paired with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Then, arrange a relaxation station with cosy slippers, a selection of magazines, her favourite tea and some chocolate delights. Or, spend the afternoon watching a beloved family movie or flipping through old photo albums, reliving cherished moments together.

Things to do for Mother’s Day around Joondalup

If the outdoors calls to her, take a peaceful walk in your local park or walk barefoot in the waterline at a nearby beach, basking in the beauty of nature together. Then, visit Lakeside Joondalup for a quick coffee break at Caffn8, a leisurely lunch at Chinese Orchid or a family dinner at Two Fat Indians. For an extra touch of luxury, book her in for a Gold Class movie experience at Hoyts or an afternoon of indulgence at Endota Spa.

All year round: Honour motherhood in all its forms

It’s important to remember that motherhood comes in many forms. From new mums and pet parents to those mourning a loss or navigating complicated relationships, each journey is unique.

So, let’s embrace and honour every aspect of motherhood and create moments filled with love, support and gratitude for all the different ways it touches our lives.

Mother’s Day Made for her at Lakeside Joondalup

Whether through a shared experience, a thoughtful gift or a quiet moment of reflection, Mother’s Day is about recognising the invaluable role these incredible people play in our lives. At Lakeside Joondalup, we’re here to help you make this Mother’s Day not just special but unforgettable. 

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