Celebrate The Year of the Dragon

Learn about Lunar New Year traditions and explore what your horoscope means for you in the year of the Dragon.

  • 1 Jan 2024
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Lunar New Year is an important celebration here at Erina Fair. The Lion Dancers perform to bless people and businesses in their path with luck for the year ahead and delicious cuisine is shared between family and friends in a vibrant festival symbolizing prosperity, abundance and most importantly togetherness.

Brighten up with Colour

Lunar New Year is such a vibrant and colourful celebration. Red lanterns and décor adorn storefronts and homes as red is associated with wealth and good fortune.

The Little Red Envelope

A red envelope gift is a sign of gratitude to the recipient, often given to children, unmarried adults and employees. They are monetary gifts ranging from a few dollars to quite hefty amounts depending on your relationship.

Lion Dance

Lighting firecrackers are ways to ward off evil spirits and celebrate the arrival of the new year whilst the Lion Dance is performed to bring prosperity and good luck to those in it’s presence.

Family Reunion

Lunar New Year is a time bring families together. Wherever you may be, it’s tradition to travel home and spend time with your family for a ‘reunion dinner’. This involves many generations sitting around a table and enjoying each other’s company over fresh fish, dumplings and glutinous rice cakes.

Lunar New Year Superstitions

  • Don’t sweep or take out the rubbish (you may be sweeping or throwing away wealth)
  • Avoid washing or cutting your hair (it is said to wash away good luck)
  • No black or white clothes (they are assumed to be unlucky colours)
  • Do not gift odd amounts of money or coins in a red envelope (good things always come in doubles however avoid unlucky denominations such as 4’s)


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