Wickedly Good Halloween Costume Ideas & Activities

At Lakeside Joondalup, we'll show you how to get your trick-or-treat on with Halloween costume ideas & activities that won’t create a plastic catastrophe.

  • 1 Sep 2023
Halloween Landscape.png

Hold on to your broomsticks and pick up that pumpkin because it’s time to prepare for Halloween. And while this celebration hasn’t always been a typical Aussie tradition, it’s certainly popular today. Plus, it’s fun—and a great excuse to get creative and connect with your neighbours.

Before you plan your pumpkin-fest, remember, At Lakeside Joondalup, we want to inspire everyone to feel good by doing good – by caring for the community and the planet. So let’s focus on fun ways that are sustainable, with products we can recycle or repurpose.

Check out these ways to get your trick-or-treat on with some ghostly goodies and upcycled Halloween costume ideas bound to give your family hours of fun.

Spooky home decor

Stock up on crafty products like spray paint (glow-in-the-dark or metallic varieties are ideal), tape and string. You’ll find these at Mega Bargains & Variety or Target.

Need more decor? Plenty of props like spooky ornaments, lanterns, candles and lights are available in budget stores like Kmart or Silly Solly's.

Once you’ve bought the essentials, it’s time to get creative by raiding the cupboards and inspecting the garden. Check out these wickedly good ideas:

  • Cobwebs: Use old, laddered stockings to create cobwebs

  • Spooky trees: Spray paint leaves and branches in dark, metallic or fluoro colours and use lights or candles for dramatic effect

  • Scarecrows and zombies: Make a lifelike figure by stuffing jeans and a shirt with recycled newspaper. Alternatively, create a corpse shape with stockings and a leotard, then cover it with bandages or strips of an old bed sheet. Pop your zombie in a wheelbarrow or on an old chair at the front of your home or hang it from a tree for added spookiness.

  • Tombstones: Cardboard boxes are always our best friends for getting crafty. Visit Lakeside Joondalup, approach stores selling large products or white goods, and ask for spare boxes. They'll make terrific tombstones with some cutting, taping and artful painting.

Halloween costume ideas for 2023

Back in the day, Halloween costumes were always scary and spooky – the idea was to scare away evil spirits. Today, it’s more about showing your creativity and dressing up however you please. Not sure what that might be? Here’s some Halloween inspo to try on for size. 

  • Wednesday Addams
  • Harry Styles
  • Taylor Swift
  • Barbie
  • (Just) Ken
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Spiderman
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Batman
  • Elvis
  • Elon Musk
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Martian Monsters
  • Favourite Sports Player
  • Super Mario
  • Anyone you want! 

Halloween treats

Look for environmentally friendly or recyclable packaging when choosing your treats. Encourage your little ones to collect their wrappers and dispose of them properly afterwards. You would even check out your local community recycling facilities to familiarise your kids with recycling. There are loads of options available for recycling soft plastics, papers, bottles and more.

If you’re keeping the halloween celebrations at home, opt for homemade treats. Baking at home is always a fun, feel-good activity and a great way to save money. Here’s how you can spookify even the most simplest of treats:

  • Everyday cupcakes can become Halloween horrors with icing and decorations. You can make scary faces, add tombstone-shaped biscuits or whatever you please.
  • Transform simple gingerbread men's shapes (using any cookie dough) into scary mummies with the help of some creative icing.
  • Use white writing icing to give the appearance of bandages.
  • Switch to bright-coloured icing to create stitches or scary faces. 
  • Shop cookie-cutters, icing and edible decorations at Kmart and Big W. And head to Coles or Woolworths to stock up on baking essentials.  

Halloween Activities

Another great thing about Halloween is that there’s no need to travel far to celebrate. Just hit the pavement and start trick-or-treating.

Speaking of treats, instead of buying plastic buckets, look for cloth bags or something you already have at home to collect your goodies.

Don’t forget the pumpkin! 
It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins. So, if you’re keen to carve a jack o’lantern, start shopping early, and look for locally grown varieties. When the fun is over, remember to eat the pumpkin filling and put the skins in the garden compost.

Whatever you do this Halloween, stay safe, go easy on the sugar and make sure you have a boo-tiful time!