Good Gifts for Good Mums

Sustainable gift ideas to delight your mum… and Mother Nature. Check out these eco-conscious gifting ideas that will make Mum smile.

  • 1 Mar 2023

Need some inspiration for ways to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day? How about a present she’s guaranteed to love, that’s also better for the planet? Check out these eco-conscious gifting ideas that will make Mum smile, feel good and be grateful to have such kind, caring and thoughtful offspring.

Let Mum’s beauty shine

From creams and serums to cleansers, face masks and cosmetics, Mum deserves to indulge in self-care on Mother’s Day and every day. There are plenty of brands out there that value clean, natural, ethically-sourced ingredients and come in sustainable or recyclable packaging. Simply head to your local department store skincare floor, supermarket, chemist or dedicated beauty hub to ask for advice and find Mum some new favourites. Rose quartz or jade rollers and other facial massage tools are another easy way mum can bring that day spa feeling home.

Gift the joy of nature

A plant in a beautiful pot is a living reminder of your love and appreciation. Not only do plants look beautiful and make attractive decor, but many varieties also help purify the air, adding oxygen to the environment and creating a healthier home.

Keep Mum Well-Hydrated

A water bottle may seem like a simple idea, but there are some truly beautiful vessels out there. With a variety of sizes, colours, and materials to choose from, Mum is sure to love this practical and sustainable gift. After all, many mums are so busy, they stop to take a drink. This is saying, “I love you Mum, and I care that you’re well hydrated.” 

Give Mum The Caffeine She Craves

Caffeine is the elixir of life, and for many tired mothers, it’s the difference between the 3pm slump, and powering through the day. Give mum’s coffee order a style upgrade, by gifting her a reusable coffee cup. Cool, trendy and oh-so-sustainable, cappuccinos have never tasted so good.

Help Mum Look Stylish While Shopping.

Plastic shopping bags? Perish the thought! Buy mum a beautiful, reusable tote she’ll be proud to carry whether she’s packing it with veggies or treats for herself. Even shopping for groceries can be a fashion moment.

Buy mum a massage….

…Or a facial… or a skincare treatment…. Or a manicure and pedicure... Or an in-salon blow dry…Or a beautiful lunch. Check out your local shopping centre for their services on offer and give mum the pampering she so greatly deserves!