Cool Ways to Keep Warm

Cosy up your home with our collection of snug and fuzzy homewares. Want to turn up the heat without costing the earth? Read on for these warmth-inducing buys and energy-saving tips.

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  • 1 Mar 2023


There’s nothing like chilly weather to inspire cosy living. After all, rugging up in fluffy knits, snuggling into the couch with a hot drink and a blanket, and enjoying the warmth of your home on a blustery day are delights that only the winter months can bring. Want to turn up the heat without costing the earth? Read on for these warmth-inducing buys and energy-saving tips.

Rug up warm

From Ugg boots and beanies to coats and blankets you can stay cosy indoors even when the temperature plummets. Our tip? If you’re hunkering down on the couch with a cuppa and a biscuit, there’s no better chilly weather indulgence that burying yourself under a blanket. Try the Adairs Sherpa Sage Throw which is the home-furnishing equivalent of a big, woolly hug. Or head to Myer, where a wide variety of thermal wear will keep freezing temps well away. 

Create a cosy bed

Snuggle down into the inviting softness of a flannelette or jersey quilt cover and sheet set and enjoy your most comfortable sleep ever. Just don’t blame us for how many times you’ll want to press snooze on your alarm. This checked classic from Target is a great pick or head to Bed, Bath and Table for a dazzling array of colours, patterns and styles. 

Embrace your morning uniform

Soft Dressing Gown? Fluffy Slippers? Flanelette Pyjamas? A blanket with sleeves? Pick your perfect morning warmth-maker and enjoy the luxury of all those insulating fabrics. Want to stay cosy and bond with family? You can’t go past an oversized hoodie, that will fit every single one of you. With many prints available across a multitude of stores you’ll find one to suit every personality.

Take the heat with you

Warm yourself from this inside out with a helping of soupy goodness, stored in a thermal cup. Or make yourself a steaming hot tea and pop it in a Thermos. Head to your local homewares or department store to find your perfect vessel. Even better? Reusable means better for the planet.

Use the sun.

Make winter sunshine work for you, by flinging open the curtains and welcoming those warming rays, reducing your need to use heating. Of course, once the sun sets you should draw the curtains or blinds again to keep any heat you’ve managed to trap during the day indoors.

Bake up a storm.

The best thing about using the oven in winter is the heat it provides your home. Whether baking muffins or heating leftovers, the hot air will give you surroundings a valuable boost in temperature. Once you’ve finished baking, leave the oven door open for a few minutes, to let the hot air circulate.

Cover the floorboards.

Throwing a few rugs on the floor can make a serious difference to how warm (or cold) you feel. And a shaggy weave is cosier underfoot than timber flooring.   

Buy an electric blanket.

It likely costs less to power than a heater and it makes the space between your bed covers feel almost as hot as the sun. Or invest in a good hot water bottle or microwaveable heat bag, to keep the temperature inside your bed cosy. The only downside? You’ll never want to get up. 

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