AW22 Trend: Winter Garden

Moody blooms, fields of flowers & English gardens.

  • 10 May 2022
  • by
  • Lakeside Joondalup

Introducing Winter Garden, a poetic and feminine seasonal trend offering room for a whole garden to bloom inside your wardrobe, in dresses, billowing tops, Jacquard coats and embroidered intimates. It’s even making it’s way to bedding and table settings to delight and warmly welcome your Winter guests.

This season has delivered a multitude of choice when it comes to long flowing dresses and there’s a consistent theme, a series of moody blooms dreamt up from fields of flowers and English gardens. Imagine a long floral dress, boots disappearing under the hemline, all wrapped up in a woolen coat to finish.

There’s a floral for everyone, no matter your taste, you can always trust a nature-inspired pattern to keep the poetry flowing throughout the colder months. It’s a delightfully easy way to keep your wardrobe cheerful and offset the dreary weather.

  • Style tips - How to wear the Winter Garden trend:
  • Long flowing dress under coats teamed up with big boots
  • Billowing sleeved tops tucked into high waisted wide legged jeans.
  • Winter Coats with floral jacquard or embroidery pattern over a chic knitted dress.
  • Floral inspired accessories: jewellery pieces, earrings, necklaces, bags, scarves.