AW22 Trend: Colour Explosion

Permission to play with colour, granted!

  • 10 May 2022
  • by
  • Lakeside Joondalup

You might have noticed, there’s something very different about this season. It’s certainly not all about black! The store windows are unveiling a kaleidoscopic wilderness of colour! The blocking together of usually unheard of arrangements, and yet there’s a sense of joy and breath of fresh wintery air that is welcome this season. Could we be ready to embrace these vivid hues?

Permission to play with colour, granted! As we are almost nearing a post covid new normal, we can all agree now we should celebrate life to it’s fullest and whist this colour palette is not for the faint hearted, we welcome the high-impact look with it’s intrinsic sense of play. It’s time to have fun, spread the joy and explode into the season with uninhibited freedom to express. This is the season to experiment with “shout it out loud” colour and not be afraid to make a statement whilst brightening the occasion and lifting moods along the way.

You can pull-off Hi -Vis simply by teaming it up with complimenting colour blocking, try hot pink with magenta and burgundy for an ‘easy-on-the-eye’ colour pop sensation. You won’t feel overwhelmed if you group your colours according to warm and cool. If it‘s still a bit too much of a brave move for you to sport head to toe colour, why not team up one electric colour piece with a host of neutrals to tame the glare a little.

Colour is life! However you decided to embrace colour know that in doing so you are brightening up those grey days brilliantly.

  • Here’s how to wave goodbye to your all-black wardrobe this winter:
  • • Group warm colours together and then cool colours together. 
  • • Invest in a striking power suits and go head to toe in Magenta, then using a pink base layer, like a skivvy for colour contrast.
  • • Find knitwear that packs a punch to team up with denim and a bright shoe.
  • • Add a jolt of bright colour to browns and neutrals, think bright base layer, neutrals over the top.
  • • Searching for fabulous electric little bags to finish off your outfits.