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7 Fun Things To Do While In Lockdown

With another lockdown upon us, the thought of being stuck inside 24/7 can be unnerving for many. But don’t fret, lockdown can be just as productive and fun with this list of ideas to help prevent cabin fever.

Pamper Day

Try an at home facial or indulge in a bubble bath to treat the mind and body. We love this at home facial guide from Lush to ensure relaxation during this tense time!  

Yoga at home

 Get Zen and unwind with this gentle yoga flow from Lorna Jane. A great pass-time for the body and mind, yoga is a great practise to adopt during lockdown.

Undertake a Spring Clean

 Get productive and tackle organising your home. It may not seem the most riveting activity of them all, but you will thank yourself later!


 No time like lockdown to make health a priority. Use your one hour of outdoor exercise to go for a walk, run or bike ride. Alternatively download a fitness app or watch one of the thousand workout videos on YouTube. We like Nike’s curated list of 'The 10 Best At Home Workouts to Try Now'. Click this link to view them now. 

Take up a new hobby

 With all this extra time, there is no time like lockdown to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Read, learn a new language, take an online course, paint or even learn to knit! Dymocks’ online store have a wide range of hobby books to choose from. Take a look at them here

Binge watch a new Netflix series

 Binge watch the latest trending shows using The Urban Lists Best Netflix Shows Guide. Grab a bag of popcorn and your remote and you’re good to go!  

Virtual Games Night

 Grab your friends and host a virtual games night. Games such as Words with Friends, Heads Up and Playing Cards are all virtual friendly and can allow you and your loved ones to connect and have some fun this lockdown.