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Editorial Donna Lund

Posted on 27 February by Lakeside Joondalup

To celebrate International Women's Day, Lakeside Joondalup interviewed valued female members in the community.

Donna Lund works at St Stephen's as the School Service Learning Coordinator.

Tell us your story; what lead you to the field you’re in, why did you begin?

Previously working in the disability sector, predominantly with autistic children, I found myself working as a Career Practitioner at St Stephen’s School, which evolved into my position heading up the volunteering and service area in one of Perth’s biggest school communities. I believed that preparing students to make choices about their careers did not all have to be about education, it also involved service and empathy for others. This led me to grow the School’s intrinsic Service Learning area into a standalone department, which sees students, staff and volunteers helping the community on a weekly basis. 

How do you strive towards balance in the workplace or your personal life?

I am very good, after years of practice, at switching off when I get home at the end of the day. I exercise, meditate, and spend time in the garden. That is my therapy. However, there is always a little bit of thought processing going on. It is a passion, and I am blessed to have this as a job.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Live for now. 

Is there a podcast or book you would recommend?

Not one in particular but I do recommend reading widely and listening to podcasts that provide relaxation and wellbeing.

Anything else we would love to know about you?

One of my main projects at the moment includes, among many other things, supporting those that are homeless, suffering hardship, aged care, the disability sector, soup patrols, a partnership with WA Charity Direct and introducing Food Carts into the northern suburbs to collect unsold food from cafes that would otherwise go to waste, passing it on to the homeless through the School’s relationship with UnitingCare West. I believe a large amount of what we do is embedded in the curriculum so students have an educational outcome and when they leave school, they have been exposed to much more than just academic subjects and have a more compassionate view of the world. With this work, I am very honored to be nominated for a prestigious community volunteering award for 2019! 

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