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Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop combines old-school services with modern luxuries providing men with the ultimate destination for male grooming.

At Tommy Gun's you're not just getting a service; you're getting an experience. Whether you’re in for the classic shave, original haircut or the dude facial; you’ll also get a beverage on the house, scalp massage and hot towel finish.

With red custom barber chairs, TG’s private lounge, classic arcade games, digital self-check-in and mirrors with built in TV’s the Tommy Gun’s interior reflects the brands code and vision – relaxed, sharp, luxurious and affordable. We don’t believe in appointments. Simply show up, check yourself and spend the waiting time the way you want – watch the game, browse our product range, polish up on your arcade skills or take a walk – we’ll text you when you’re up.

The first Australian Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop opened in Brisbane in early 2015 with a line of stores to follow. With over 10 years of history in Canada, Tommy Gun’s is here to show the Australian man what a real barbershop is all about.

So come in, grab a drink, watch the game, the chair awaits…

CLICK HERE to see the Service Menu or contact the store for all services. 

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