The Sovereign Arms

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A family friendly British pub... Late night entertainment for a sophisticated crowd. Wholesome pub food, with an emphasis on organic and locally sourced produce. A focus on premium wine, champagne and spirits. An extensive range of premium imported beers on tap

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Gluten free meals Vegetarian friendly Function group bookings Indoor seating Outdoor seating Reservations Kids Meals Lunch Dinner Casual Dining Australian Accepts Visa and Mastercard only
Store Information
    • Monday 10am - 11pm
      Tuesday 10am - 11:59pm
      Wednesday 10am - 11:59pm
      Thursday 10am - 11:59pm
      Friday 10am - 11:59pm
      Saturday 10am - 11:59pm
      Sunday 10am - 11pm
  • 08 9300 1146
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