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Editorial Ultimate PJ Party

Posted on 17 June by Lakeside Joondalup

Saturday night in!

What do you get when you bring together family and a few friends, pillows and warm blankets, cheeky snacks, pyjamas and a whole lot of laughs? The ultimate pyjama party!

Now that we’re able to enjoy the company of more of our loved ones, it’s a great way to reconnect and to help with your planning, we’ve come up with a list of the essentials to bring some pyjama party fun to your weekend.

What to Wear

It’s the simplest and most comfortable party dress code there is – and a perfectly acceptable excuse for pyjamas and loungewear! Pull out your favourite clothes to sleep in, add cosy slippers or socks and if you want to get extra fancy, maybe provide a theme for your night. Check out Peter Alexander, Best & Less or Cotton On for your snuggly attire.

What to Watch

A movie marathon is perfect pyjama party entertainment and with so many great options, there’s something that everyone can watch. Visit JB HI-FI to stock up on some new movies, grab your warmest blankets and pillows from Adairs, get comfortable and settle in for the night. Add some of our picks below to your pyjama party movie list that the whole family can enjoy. 

  • For the Family – High School Musical, Harry Potter, Shrek, School of Rock, Toy Story 
  • Girls Night – Mean Girls, Bring It On, Clueless, Bridesmaids, Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada 
  • Throwback Memories – Grease, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, The Wizard of Oz, Titanic 
  • Lots of Laughs – American Pie, The Hangover, Pitch Perfect
  • Action & Adventure – Transformers, The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, Avengers: Endgame, The Dark Knight, Star Wars. 

What to Do

If you’re looking for other pyjama party activities, why not try a backyard camp out with the best gear from Kathmandu, use those board game skills you’ve been working on and hold a family and friends tournament, create your own dessert or ice-cream sundae bar or if you’re really game, turn up the tunes for some at-home karaoke! You could even use your pyjama party as your very own pamper night, complete with DIY beauty treatments or relaxation activities. Visit Mecca for all the best pamper products.

What to Eat

Pyjama party food doesn’t require too much preparation, and the only requirement is that it’s fun to eat or make! Snacks are essential (especially midnight ones!), consider breakfast if you’re holding a sleepover, and for those cooler nights, something to keep everyone warm should be at the top of the list. If you aren’t up for cooking, then order San Churro and have the treats delivered right to your door. Otherwise, see below for a bunch of recipes that you can try at home;

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