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Editorial Delectable Desserts

Posted on 24 July by Lakeside Joondalup

Our guide to glorious desserts at Lakeside Joondalup!

San Churros - Cookie Butter Obsessed Bunuelos Snack Pack

The Cookie Butter Obsessed Bunuelos Snack Pack is nothing like you have imagined! Think sweet Bunuelos doughnut balls, dripped with decadent cookie butter and milk chocolate, juicy strawberries and scrumptious cookie butter biscuit. Perfect to hit those evening sweet spots.

Coco Cubano - Banana Split

Step into Cuba at Coco Cubano and try their delicious Banana Splits! Enjoy crispy fried banana tossed in cinnamon sugar, then laid on a bed of creamy ice cream and cool whipped cream, before being drizzled with creamy chocolate – and to add a bit of fun – a dusting of colourful sprinkles. If Banana Splits don’t tickle your tastebuds, there is an array of other delectable desserts available.

Ben & Jerry’s - Core Sundae’s

Enter frozen heaven with Ben & Jerry’s Core Sundae’s! Choose two of your fave flavours then decide on your delectable core. Hot fudge or Caramel? Tough call, but you’ll be right either way! Then watch the magic happen. Two flavours placed together in your cup, then room is made for your CORE! Whichever you chose, is poured right through the middle. Everybody loves to play dress up and your sundae isn’t any different. Top yours with what you like then voila, you have gone to dessert heaven.

Crust - Black Forest Crumble

Pizza and dessert, what a glorious combination! Indulge in a delectable dessert pizza layered with creamy custard, rich mud cake, black cherries topped with baked crumble and then drizzled with berry coulis & dusted with sweet icing sugar.

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