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Editorial Amanda Gammage

Posted on 27 February by Lakeside Joondalup

To celebrate International Women's Day, Lakeside Joondalup interviewed valued female members in the community.

Amanda Gammage is a Clinical Midwife with the Women and Newborn Health Service’s Community Midwifery Program (CMP). Coordinated out of King Edward Memorial Hospital, the northern suburbs office and clinic is based at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City.

Tell us your story; what lead you to the field you’re in, why did you begin?

I have always had a passion for Midwifery since becoming a mother myself. I was supported by Midwives for both my pregnancies and labour. My first role as a Midwife was at King Edward Memorial Hospital where I gained valuable experience caring for high risk and complicated pregnancies. As a rotational Midwife I gained experience in Antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal care. My passion as always was to work within the community with low risk women in a midwifery lead module of care. I am committed to providing women continuity of care, offering women and their families informed choice and empowerment during their birthing journey. I love working within the Community Midwifery Program (CMP) and being part of the North team to follow women and their families through this amazing journey. 

How do you strive towards balance in the workplace or your personal life?

I strive to achieve balance in my working role as a mother of two adult children now and the grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter and another to join us in June. Life can become challenging due to the on call role. I prioritise my workload to my best ability, being very aware of the importance of downtime with family and friends. As women it is challenging at times to find that working balance, and self-care is very important. I ensure that I take time out for myself for example a massage or meditation allows me to detach from ongoing stresses.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Write on a motivational board three things that you are grateful for and voice these every day. This allows you to have a more positive outlook, even on days which may be challenging. I find this changes my mindset long term.

Is there a podcast or book you would recommend?

I can highly recommend Tranquil Balance and Mindset Mastery Academy. I regularly use their podcasts and attend seminars, which I find very useful for both my home and working life.

Anything else we would love to know about you?

I have been a midwife with the Community Midwifery Program (CMP) for just over three years. I receive great job satisfaction and feel very privilege to be able to follow women and their families through their birthing journey and the transition into new parenthood. I love seeing the women postnatally and when they attend our mum and bubs groups. They all become part of the CMP Family.

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