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Editorial Ella Bache celebrates 20 years

Posted on 6 May by Lakeside Joondalup

Your favourite beauty brand is turning 20!

This week Ella Bache Joondalup are celebrating 20 years in business. We sat down with business owner Nadene to talk about this milestone.

You are celebrating 20 years here at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, Congratulations. Can you tell us what it was like 20 years ago?

The shopping centre was smaller but it was still busy. It was uncommon to have a beauty salon in a shopping centre back then so our business has really grown and evolved with the shopping centre.

Why did you start an Elle Bache business?

I had a passion for skincare and customer services. I really identified with the Ella Bache brand and liked the ideas and values the brand stood for.

What is your salon well known for?

Our salon is best known for skin solutions – we provide a consult and solution to every one of our clients. I think we would be well known for our high level of customer service. Each of our therapists are trained and very knowledgeable. We are also well known for a great Microdermabrasion treatment!

What is you favorite Ella Bache product?

Sensibeautic Intensive Recovery Serum for its amazing results on the skin. But I also love the Special Eye Cream – a great tip is to pop it over and around the lips to help with fine lines.

What goes on behind the scenes to keep your business growing and evolving?

Long hours, years of dedication and hard work, but most of all resilience and passion to an ever evolving industry.

Help Ella Bache celebrate their 20th birthday this Thursday, 9 May in-store from 9am - 9pm. Receive complimentary gift bags, indulge in mini treatments, sample amazing products & more!

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